Artisanal lingerie made here in Quebec

The Secrets of Making Distinction Lingerie

Every step counts:

Each of our manufacturing stages is essential, where nothing is left to chance. From the meticulous selection of our fabrics to the meticulous tailoring, we ensure the perfection of every detail.

A 100% Quebec product

Our pieces are proudly designed and manufactured entirely in Quebec, from start to finish. The city of Montreal, recognized for its exceptional expertise in fashion, is the cradle of our creation.

By preserving our local activities, we ensure:

  • Providing local service to our customers
  • Maintain a close relationship with our partners
  • Stimulate local employment.

Step 1

Design Inspiration:

Our designs come to life under the influence of seasonal trends, the specific needs of our customers and the unique texture of the fabrics. We prioritize models designed and designed for women with generous curves.

2nd step

Fabric selection

Our fabrics are selected for their softness and superior quality. Delicate lace and sheer mesh, paired to reveal a hint of skin, give our pieces a unique elegance. Once a fabric is exhausted, its use becomes a memory, making each creation exclusive.

Step 3

Patronage and base

This is the crucial technical stage where the sketch is transformed into a concrete product. This process requires time, precision and a stage of prototyping and grading to make adjustments until the perfect fit is achieved.

Step 4

The making

Defining stage where each piece of clothing is carefully assembled. Our experienced seamstresses, true artists of delicate fabrics, handle these refined materials with care and precision to bring our creations to life.

Step 5


Each purchase is a gift, whether given to yourself or to someone dear to you. Our personalized packaging bears the customer's name and is presented in an elegant black box. Our products are delicately scented with our specially created Always on fragrance, leaving a memorable scent when you open the package.

In conclusion :

The shared passion of each of the actors in the process drives our quest to adorn each breast. Offering Distinction Lingerie means offering yourself priceless well-being, a true declaration of love to yourself.