My story

From the moment my transition to adulthood began, I found myself caught in a paradox - the challenge of having a small back with a large chest. Picture this, a young woman wearing a 32E bra size trying to find a perfect fit. With no luck in regular stores, I turned to specialty boutiques, only to be confronted with limited options that...let's just say they were...not to my taste!

During my personal quest to find that perfect bra, I was confronted with the harsh realities that many women with similar bodies experience. The dilemma of feeling sexy, feminine, and comfortable while not fitting into the 'standard' size began to torment me.

It didn't take long to realize that I wasn't alone in this situation. After sending out a survey and receiving over a hundred responses, and speaking with several people in the industry, the picture was crystal clear. It was high time we addressed this widespread discontent.

Creation of Distinction Lingerie

Thus, Distinction Lingerie was born from several years of frustration and the desire to create a solution for women with large breasts. Distinction, as the name suggests, is a brand that stands out, embracing elegance and cherishing delicacy.

Welcome to our world, a world where every stitch is cut with you in mind. Here you can add your personal touch to your favorite designs. Here you'll find the perfect lingerie for every mood, from cozy evenings to intimate occasions. Explore and awaken your senses. Go ahead, treat yourself - maybe even give some to a friend. And gentlemen, let's not forget the perfect surprise for your loved one.

My vision

When I think of Distinction Lingerie, it's more than just a brand to me. It's a passion fueled by the desire to empower women, one bra at a time.

I dream of a world where every woman feels good about herself, where every curve is celebrated.

My engagement

To all of you, beautiful, curvaceous ladies, my commitment to you is unwavering.

I am here to help you love and value your unique shapes.

I am here to help you feel feminine, beautiful and sexy, in perfect harmony with your body. Your journey to acceptance and self-love starts here, and I'm so excited to be a part of it.

Let's raise a glass to accepting our bodies, as they are, one beautiful curve at a time.