A model just for you

Remote tailor-made lingerie service

Why offer custom-made lingerie? Because distinction comes from accepting that you are unique.

Because the 'Standard' Should Not Define Your Comfort

In the world of fashion, most lingerie designs are mass produced, mainly in 'standard' sizes. But who's to say what's standard? Especially when it comes to the beautifully diverse and unique shapes of female bodies.

For example, consider a woman who has a small band size but needs deep cups - say, a 32F. The mass market rarely meets her needs, resulting in bras that don't offer the comfort, fit, or style she deserves. This is where Distinction Lingerie comes in. We firmly believe that your lingerie should fit your body, not the other way around.

But we don't stop at offering custom designs just for non-standard sizes. We believe in celebrating your individuality in every way possible.

Let's create your custom lingerie in 3 steps

Make an appointment virtually or in a workshop

The meeting lasts 45 minutes and takes place as follows:

  • Determining your chest shape and tips for enhancing it
  • Taking measurements
  • Selection of fabrics and models
  • Determining the delivery date
  • Payment of 50% deposit
My experience with Distinction Lingerie was incredible. Rachel is rigorous and very attentive to details. The designs are beautiful and we can personalize our product according to our desires. I recommend the store to all women with large breasts who are looking for attractive products fitted to them.


Your Special Event Deserves Exceptional Lingerie

Are you looking forward to a special occasion? Whether it's a wedding, a big date, a wedding anniversary or simply a day when you want to wear exceptional lingerie?

We are here to help you create a piece of lingerie that will not only fit your figure perfectly, but will also reflect what makes you unique.

Your desires, our passion, let's create perfection together!

Perhaps you have a specific fabric in mind, or are looking for a particular design that you can't find in our online store.

Whatever your unique needs or desires, we are here to understand, advise and create the perfect lingerie for you.

A beautifully distinct piece of art that you can wear with pride and joy.

More than lingerie, an olfactory experience!

Imagine the moment you open your Distinction Lingerie package, you discover an elegant, luxurious black box, personalized with your name and carefully sprayed with a sweet peach scent.

This is the experience offered by our olfactory signature, Always On. This fragrance, created in Quebec by women, is an ode to femininity and sensuality, which will instantly bring a smile to your lips.

It adapts to your daily life, encourages relaxation and inspires radiant self-confidence. This sensory experience will leave a memorable impression, engraved in your memories.